About Us:

Atlas Fightwear is an Australian owned and operated business that produces premium quality fight and street apparel. Compared with the Americas and Europe, jiu jitsu and MMA is somewhat in its infancy in the Australasia region. Despite being somewhat late to this scene we, here at Atlas Fightwear, believe that Australia and New Zealand have among the best athletes in this field in the world. Just take a look at the number of Australasian athletes that medalled at the 2015 World Jiu Jitsu Championships.

Atlas Fightwear is committed to playing a role in furthering the growth and development of jiu jitsu and MMA in our region. We aim to achieve this by playing an active role in the community - this includes sponsorships of tournaments, athletes and charitable causes. We recognise that training gear is expensive and, for some, can be a hurdle to taking up the sport. By providing premium apparel at lower prices we aim to somewhat alleviate this burden, encourage participation and facilitate growth of the sport.

Our products are generally designed to have a clean, yet fashionable appearance. Having said that, our fightwear is designed for athletes to use on the mat, not the catwalk.

We here at Atlas Fightwear pride ourselves on customer service. If, for any reason, you have a concern with your purchase, we will be there with you every step of the way towards a solution. Our aim is to provide you, our customers, with a service that exceeds your expectations.